PGA of Canada Hosts First Tee – Atlantic Coach Training

The picturesque golf courses of Amherst Golf Club and Glen Arbour Golf Club recently played host to a remarkable event: the First Tee Coach training. This training, organized by First Tee – Atlantic and delivered by the PGA of Canada, aimed to equip coaches with the skills necessary to inspire and mentor young golfers. Led by Wayne Allen, the 2023 Junior Leader of the Year and a PGA of Canada member, the training left an indelible mark on all participants.

The initial two days unfolded at Amherst Golf Club. Here, coaches delved into the intricacies of the Community Golf Coach workshop. Wayne, with his wealth of experience, guided them through practical techniques, effective communication and language, safety procedures, and the art of creating an inclusive environment for young golfers. Coaches honed their teaching skills, learning how to engage with students of varying abilities and backgrounds. The focus was not just on golf swings but also on character development and life skills.

The latter half of the training, First Tee Level 2, took place at Glen Arbour Golf Club. This segment was specifically designed for coaches aspiring to lead programs at green-grass facilities. Wayne Allen continued to inspire, emphasizing advanced coaching methodologies, program management, and leadership skills. Coaches explored ways to foster resilience, instill core values, and create a positive impact on their students’ lives.

The training sessions brought together a diverse group of 20 individuals—coaches from across Atlantic Canada, with unique backgrounds and experiences. Their shared passion for making golf accessible to all youth transcended any differences. Coaches left the training with newfound confidence. Coaches are better equipped to guide young golfers toward success, both on and off the course.

Beyond skill enhancement, the training fostered a sense of community. Coaches exchanged ideas, formed professional networks, and discovered shared goals. As they return to their local communities, they carry with them not only technical knowledge but also a support system of like-minded peers.

Ultimately, the impact extends beyond the coaches themselves. By enhancing their skills, coaches empower the next generation of golfers. First Tee’s mission—to instill life skills and core values through golf—now rests in the capable hands of these dedicated individuals. The First Tee Coach training was more than a professional development opportunity; it was a catalyst for building gamechangers.

If you would like to get involved with First Tee – Atlantic, visit our Get Involved page to learn more.